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Date Created
Mon, 21st Oct 2013
Date Modified
Wed, 4th Jun 2014

   Backup\Export Database


How do I backup\export my database in PHPMyAdmin?


To backup\export a database from your Shared Hosting account you will need your login credentials. 


1. Go to, click on account management and log in.

2. Once you are in your control panel, locate and click on the phpMyAdmin icon.

3. Click the Launch icon to the right of the specific database you want to back up.

4. Select the database that needs to be exported from the drop down box (located on the left hand side)

* "information_schema" is the default database and is not the database you created.  If you would like you could back up this database as well.

5. Click the Export tab on the top.

·         Export Method: Quick - display only the minimal options

·         Format: SQL

6. Click Go.

·         This will display the database in SQL format

·         Copy the text that is displayed

·         Paste the text into notepad

·         Save the file with the extension .sql

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