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Mon, 28th Oct 2013

   Wordpress - Maximum Upload File Size


When I try to upload an image in wordpress it errors out saying that the image exceeds the maximum file upload size.


Our servers are configured to allow you to upload images (or videos) up to 20MB.  Our servers are also configured with an upload timeframe.

Therefore, if the image you are trying to upload is smaller than 20MB, and you receive this error it is because your internet connections upload speed is insufficient.  For example, if you are trying to upload a 100MB image on a 512kbps upload link (standard T1 connection - 1.5Mbps download and 512kbps upload), it will take nearly 30 minutes to upload.  This exceeds our allowed upload timeframe, thus it will error out.

Likewise, if you want to upload an image that exceeds our 20MB limit, you will also receive an error message.  If you wish to upload an image that exceeds this limit, you can FTP the image using your favorite FTP program (example = FileZilla).  Once the image has been uploaded via FTP, you can use the "Add From Server" plugin in wordpress to import those images directly into wordpress (

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