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Date Created
Mon, 28th Jan 2013
Date Modified
Tue, 29th Apr 2014

   Manage Domain WHOIS Information


How can I change the WHOIS information for my domain?


WHOIS information is just another way to say 'contact information' for your Domain Name.  This is broken into 4 different catagories, namely:  Owner, Administrator, Billing, and Technical.  You can update this information by going to your registrar's website and logging in.  If you registered your domain with, the website where you can do this is:  If you do not have your credentials to log in and make the changes, you can either, submit a ticket with the changes you would like made, or contact support at 866.679.5638.

WHOIS Information Consists of the following:

- First & Last Names
- Mailing Address
- Phone Number
- Email Address

as well as...

- Domain Register 'Lock'
- WHOIS Privacy
- Manual / Automatic Renewal
- DNS Name Servers


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