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Date Created
Fri, 15th Apr 2011
Date Modified
Thu, 1st May 2014

   Removing a Domain


Do do I remove a Domain from my hosting account?


1)   Browse to in any internet browser.

2)   Click on "Customer Portal".

3)   Click on "Account Management --- Control Panel".

4)   Log in using your Control Panel Username and Password.

5)   Clink on the "Domains" icon.

6)   In the "Controls" column, click on the trash can icon parallel with the Domain you wish to remove.

7)   You will then asked to confirm or decline the following actions:
        "Delete resource confirmation
          You are about to disable Domain.
          All your related data will be lost."
                Click "Yes, I agree with the above"
                Click "No, I don't want to delete the domain"

7)   Next you will be asked to select which content you want removed when the Domain is removed:
        "Remove web content
Check the boxes next to the domains you would like to remove web content for
         []          [] Remove log files directory
                 Click "Submit"

Note:  This only removes the domain from your hosting account.  You still control the rights to this domain until it expires with your registrar.

Note:  Also note that this does not cancel your hosting account.  If you would like to cancel your hosting account, see KnowledgeBase article "Cancel Services".




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