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Date Created
Wed, 25th Jun 2003
Date Modified
Wed, 4th Jun 2014

   My Email & Website Stopped Working


I cannot send or receive email, and my website suddenly won't pull up.


The two most common causes for this are:   the domain in question has expired, or the DNS records have been incorrectly pointed.

1)   To check if your domain has expired, run a "whois" check on the domain in question.  To do this, browse to "", fill in your domain, and click "whois lookup".  Look for the date labelled "Registrar Registration Expiration Date: Year/Month/Day".  If today is past this date, you need to re-register your domain.

NOTE:   To register your domain you will need to contact your Registrar.  Your current registrar can also be found by using the "whois" section from the link above.

2)   If the issue is your DNS records, you will have to check 1 record for your email and 1 record for your website.

- First, lets check the email record.  This can also be done by browsing to "", entering your domain, and clicking "MX Lookup".   Here you will see the mail server's name under "Hostname".   If it is displaying a hostname that looks like "" then it is correctly pointed to a email server.   If "qwknetllc" is not in the hostname than you are being pointed to another companies email server.

- Second, lets check the website record (also known as DNS Address A Record).  To do this, browse to "", enter your domain, and click "DNS Lookup".   Here you will see the "IP Address" where your website's content is currently being pulled from (the IP Address will look something like this "").   If the IP Address starts with "" then your website is pointed to us.  If your IP Address is different than that it is currently being pulled from another hosting company.

If your email and website records are not pointing as you think they should, please give us a call and we will help you figure it all out.


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