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Date Created
Fri, 11th Sep 2009
Date Modified
Thu, 5th Jun 2014

   Purchasing a New Domain Name


I would like to purchase a domain name from for my Shared Hosting account. How can I do this and how much will it cost?


This article will help you purchase a new domain name if you already have a Shared Hosting account. You will need your login credentials for your shared hosting account and a valid credit card on file (for billing). If you do not have a hosting account, you will need to submit a support ticket or give us a call at 866-679-5638 or 208-522-7638.

1. Go to, click on account management and log in.

2. Click on the Domains icon.

3. Click the 'Add' icon at the bottom right of the page.

4. Type in the domain you wish to purchase in the field for 'Domain Name Registration' and click submit. 

5. Click submit once more.

6. At the top of this screen you will see pricing information and there will be a dropdown menu that allows you to choose how many years you wish to purchase the domain for. Please double check your information on this screen to ensure that it is current and click submit at the bottom of the screen.

7. The system will now ask your permission to bill your card. Once you have accepted, the domain name will be added to your account automatically.

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