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Date Created
Sat, 22nd Feb 2014
Date Modified
Thu, 5th Jun 2014

   Email Disabled For Spam Abuse


Why was my e-mail account disabled?

Why was my e-mail account disabled for spam abuse?

How do I get my account back up if it was disabled for spamming?


The vast majority of the time when an e-mail account has been compromised and used to send spam those doing it harvested credentials through some type of malware or virus. In order to stop that we soft disable that email account(incoming mail to your account will still make it to our server) from an unaffected computer until you can scan with malware and virus scanners to clean the keylogger or whatever might be on your computer or device. It's impossible to know which device was used so it's important to scan them all (phones, desktop, laptop, tablet, etc). Scanners for mobile devices are available in the various app stores. It is a good practice to scan your computers occasionally even if you have no reason to suspect being compromised.

To get your e-mail going:
After downloading the software click "update" in each of them to make sure you have the latest threat detections. Then scan and "Fix." We recommend restarting the computer and scanning once more if you've received positive hits for the malware or etc. Once you've been able to scan your computer let us know and we'll give you a new password. You can either enter this new password into your mail clients or change it to something new that only you know via your account control panel. If you do this DO NOT change it back to the old password. (the 30 day free trial)



Thank you!