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Date Created
Mon, 18th Apr 2011
Date Modified
Thu, 1st May 2014



What is a Sub-Domain?
How do I create a Sub-Domain?
Do Sub-Domains have to be registered, and are their any attached costs?



1)  This is what a sub-domain looks like:

2)  You can create any sub-domain you want for any domain you own.  So if you own '', you can create a sub-domain '' and/or ''.

Here are the steps:

1 - Log in to your control panel
2 - Click on the Domains icon
3 - Click on the Edit icon under the Controls column for the domain you wish to create a sub-domain for
4 - Click on the Add icon in the Sub-Domains row.
5 - Add the name you want in the sub portion of the sub-domain
   - For example if you want your sub-domain to be "" then you will only want to enter
     "checkout" and then click "Create subdomain".

3)  Sub-domains do NOT have to be registered and can be added with NO additional cost to your account.

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