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Written By
Quinn Whipple
Date Created
Sun, 20th Jan 2008
Date Modified
Wed, 26th Dec 2012

   Change Domain Ownership


How do I change the ownership of a domain purchased through


This is something that has to be done by the customer. has no control over domain names themselves. Here is how you go about getting the information to make changes.

1. Contact Customer Support via the Support Ticket System or by phone 208-522-7638 or 866-679-5638 and request your domain name login credentials.

  • representatives can only request that these credentials be sent to the email that is authoritative for the domain name itself. This protects you the customer from anyone stealing or modifying your domain in any way.

2. Once you have the credentials, go to and log in.

3. Click the 'Profile' link at the top of the screen, and select 'Change Ownership of Domain'.

4. Enter the new username and password for this domain, this will be the information the new owner uses to log in.

5. Click on the Organization link at the top of the screen and enter all of the new information. Once the information is entered, tell it to apply to Admin Contact, Billing Contact, and Technical contact. Then click the 'Save Configuration' button.

6. The domain has now transfered ownership. Log out and give the credentials to the new owner. Suggest that he/she change his/her password.

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