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Date Created
Mon, 9th Feb 2004
Date Modified
Wed, 23rd Mar 2011

   Internet Explorer - Invalid Syntax error when using Webshell


Why do I receive an invalid syntax error when trying to access Webshell3 from the Control Panel?


A recent update to Internet Explorer has disabled the ability to include login information in the Location (URL) bar. The change in behaivor causes IE to display an error instead of logging into the site in question. This is how the Webshell3 link in the Control Panel works. Webshell requires your FTP login information to work and the Control Panel link supplies that information for you in the URL redirection.

This does not mean that users of Internet Explorer cannot use Webshell. Users of IE can instead visit one of:

and supply your FTP login information when prompted. The correct link can be determined in the Control Panel by following the FTP Manager link and looking at the Host Name entry. Your FTP login is the first eight characters of your Control Panel login name in ALL lowercase. The password should be the same as your Control Panel password.

The alternative is to use another browser such as Mozilla, Opera, or Safari.

Details of this Internet Explorer update can be read at;en-us;834489

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