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Date Created
Thu, 12th May 2011
Date Modified
Tue, 17th May 2011

   Anti Spam Settings


What do the different settings mean in the anti-spam settings?


This article will specify the different setting options for Anti-spam in your Shared Hosting account. Both MaxScore Level and Spam Check Level function based on a system that assigns 'points' for how suspicious email appears. Anti-spam filters do not read your actual email, so it filters based on where the email is coming from and how servers are set up. 

1. Spam Check Level 

  • Very Aggressive - The highest setting. This setting will ensure that almost everything delivered to your mailbox will be legitemate email. However, you will lose a lot of legitimate email as well. (Processes messages that score over 2)
  • Aggressive - Most email that is delivered to you should be legitimate, there is still a chance for false positives though. (Processes messages that score over 4)
  • Normal - May block some mailing lists. (Processes messages that score over 7)
  • Relaxed - Accepts semi legitimate bulk mail. (Processes messages that score over 10)
  • Permissive - Accepts almost everything. (Processes messages that score over 14)
  • Default - The default setting is in between Aggressive and Normal. (Processes messages that score over 5)

2. Spam processing

  • Mark as Spam - This will tag suspicious email as spam rather than removing the email before it reaches your mailbox.
  • Remove - This will delete suspicious email before it is even delivered to your mailbox.
  • Move To - This will allow you to specify a junk email account, all spam will be redirected to the specified mailbox.

3. MaxScore Level, if not set to Undefined, overrides spam check level with an alternative scoring system 20 to 500.

  • Very Aggressive - This will only process email that receives 20 points
  • Aggressive - 40
  • Strict - 60
  • Moderate - 80
  • Neutral - 100
  • Soft - 150
  • Permissive - 200
  • Loose - 300
  • Very Loose - 500

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