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Date Created
Sat, 17th May 2003
Date Modified
Tue, 3rd Jun 2014

   Configuring E-mail Clients


How do I configure my e-mail client to retrieve my QWK.Net mail?


First, ensure that you have created whatever mailboxes you want via the control panel.

Then, configure your e-mail client with the following information:

Password: You gave me the correct one over the phone
Account Type: IMAP (Most common - Leave all mail on the server and makes a copy) -OR- POP3 (Downloads all e-mail -only accessible from one device-)
Incoming Server name: -or- Example:
Outgoing Server(SMTP): -or- Example:
Authentication(if asked):password
SSL: None
Incoming Port: 110 (POP3 Only)
Incoming Port: 143 (IMAP Only)
Outgoing Port: 587 - NOT 25

Although the method above is the easiest way to set up your e-mail, we would recommend using SSL when a device allows for it. This provides extra security to help keep your email secure. It requires changing a few minor settings during or after setup. Here are the changes that are necessary:

-If you wish to use SSL-

If you wish to use SSL you must use the fully qualified name for your mail server instead of This can be found by Doing the following:

1. Go to your Control Panel, and click "Domains" 
2. Then half way down the list click the "edit" symbol next to "DNS Configuration" 
3. You will see and entry with on the left and something like on the right. The or whatever is on the right would be your fully qualified server name.

For SSL these settings would change:

Incoming Server name: example:

Outgoing Server(SMTP): example:

Incoming Port: 995 (POP3 Only)

Incoming Port: 993 (IMAP Only)

Outgoing Port: 465

Call us and provide us with a domain and we'd be happy to let you know which server you're on. You can also start a ticket or request in a ticket to know the server name and we can give it to you there as well.

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