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Date Created
Mon, 10th Mar 2003
Date Modified
Wed, 4th Jun 2014

   What issues are supported at QWK.Net, and in what fashion?


What issues are supported at QWK.Net, and in what fashion?


We pride ourselves on having the most helpful support system around. In general, our support is focused around the following:

- Making sure your web site is online.
- Making sure you have access to what you have purchased.
- Answering questions for issues related to services we provide.

To help you better understand what type of support you may expect on different issues, we classify different types of inquiries as follows:

Officially supported issues - these issues receive top priority.

- Investigation and resolution of any service failure
- Account and feature setup, modification, and cancellation
- Providing system information and settings necessary to use account features

Unofficially supported issues - supported on an "as time available" basis.

- Help with debugging of improperly functioning CGI / PHP scripts
- Help installing CGI / PHP scripts
- Recommendation of proper tools and CGI / PHP scripts to perform needed tasks
- Proper configuration of customer software (e-mail, FTP, etc.)
- Selecting and using proper technologies to make an effective site
- Light HTML help (unfortunately, we can't teach it to you)

Unsupported issues - sorry, but we can't help you with these.

- Web site design or promotion (many competent professionals specialize in these services)
- Configuration or operation problems with customer-owned software or equipment (Please contact the people who sold it to you.)
- Legal or policy advice regarding web site content

This list is not meant, by any means, to discourage you from asking us for help. We just want to be sure you know what you can and cannot expect our assistance with, so you can get the help you need via whatever means are available to you.

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