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Written By
Quinn Whipple
Date Created
Wed, 5th Aug 2009
Date Modified
Wed, 13th Apr 2011

   Referrer Filtering


How do I filter access to cgi-bin or other subdirectories based on the website referrer.


Here is an .htaccess directive that will allow you to filter requests to whatever sub-directory you put it in. This directive will also effectively stop any hotlinking to your site.

SetEnvIfNoCase Referer "^http://yourdomain\.com/" good_referer=1
order allow,deny
allow from env=good_referer

  • In this example you are specifying yourdomain as the only referrer that can access the directory that this .htaccess directive is in.
  • '' is the path to your declined screen, you can set this to whatever you want.
  • If you need help creating or using an .htaccess file please refer to this article.

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