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Date Created
Thu, 14th Apr 2011
Date Modified
Thu, 1st May 2014

   Change DNS Name Servers


How do I change the DNS Name Servers for my website?


1)  If the website in question is Registered through, and you have your Control Panel credentials you can change the Name Servers yourself by following the steps below:

     a)  Open the following link in any internet browser and logging in:

     b)  Click on the "Name Servers" tab

     c)  Erase all of the old Name Servers and enter the new Name Servers

     d)  Click "Save Configuration"

NOTE:  Once the new Name Servers have been entered and saved, it will take anywhere from 4 to 48 hours before these changes propagate throughout the world's DNS servers.  Therefore, you will want to test your website every couple hours until you see that the changes were implemented and are working as desired.

2)  If the website in question is Registered through, but you do NOT have your Control Panel credentials, you will need to contact's technical support either by submitting a support ticket or by calling 866.679.5638, and they will be able to assist you in making the necessary changes.

3)  If the website in question is NOT Registered through, you will need to contact your domain's Registrar and have them make the necessary changes.




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